CFP: The Acorn: Philosophical Studies in Pacifism and Nonviolence

Submission deadline: December 18, 2018

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Philosophical Approaches to Nonviolence Education

In commemoration of a forthcoming keynote address by peace educator Colman McCarthy in early 2019, The Acorn seeks submission of articles on philosophical approaches to nonviolence education. What resources can philosophy bring to bear upon analysis of complicit entanglements between education and violence. What philosophical sources and methods can be deployed to disentangle education from violence and to liberate educational concepts and practices toward literacies of nonviolence, pacifism, or resistance.

Manuscripts should be submitted via email by Dec. 18, 2018, with “Acorn Journal Submission” in the subject line, to the Editor, Greg Moses, at RM95 -at- txstate -dot- edu. Please indicate in the body of email that the submission is neither previously published nor simultaneous.

Microsoft Word is preferred, but rtf format is also acceptable. Submissions may be up to 8,000 words in length (approximately 32 pages, double spaced). Shorter papers, essays, or book reviews related to peace education are also welcome. Papers should follow M.L.A. style, 8th Ed.

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