CFP: Philosophy. Journal of Higher School of Economics. Call for Papers “Ethics of Belief”

Submission deadline: December 15, 2018

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“Philosophy. Journal of the Higher School of Economics” welcomes submissions for the issue  “Ethics of Belief” (to be published in June 2019).

 The “ethics of belief” is a domain of philosophical questions at the intersection of epistemology, ethics and philosophy of mind.

Two essays, The Ethics of Belief by W.K. Clifford (1877) and The Will to Believe by W. James (1896), are two powerful sources that gave rise to a bitter argument about what and on what basis we have the right to recognize as morally correct, epistemic rational or practically reasonable.

First of all, we are interested in the answers to the following questions: How does faith differ (if it does) from knowledge? What is the difference between opinion and knowledge? What ways do we have to justify our beliefs? Are there any such ways at all? What kinds of belief does not require justification? Is it moral to believe in anything without evidence? Whether it is morally to condemn the one who acts without sufficient reasons? What tools provide us with confidence in the reasonableness of our actions?

More precisely about ethics of belief in the analytic tradition you can see here:

 We draw your attention to the fact that the number is formed by two key requirements: 1) the article should be relevant to the cluster of problems described above; and 2) it should contain formulated theses and arguments, as is customary required in analytical philosophy.

 Articles for this issue should be submitted no later than December the 15th 2018.
All articles undergo a double-blind peer review procedure. According to the open access policy of the Journal, they will be available online right after the publication.

We can only publish papers in Russian and in English.

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