Aquinas on Knowing as Being and Being-About

October 12, 2018 - October 19, 2018
Instituto de Filosofia (Faculty of Arts), Universidade do Porto

Department of Philosophy
Via Panorâmica s/n
Porto 4150-564

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University of Porto

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What conceptual models shape our thinking about the mind and its activities or experiences?  This lecture and seminar studies a neglected model of the mind in a key Latin medieval thinker, Thomas Aquinas ... (continue reading at Conference webpage).


Open lecture: Knowing as Being from Aristotle to Aquinas: An Alternative Model of Mind in the Graeco-Arabic-Latin Tradition

12th October, 17h30, Departamento de Filosofia (Torre B, piso 1)

This lecture would set up the broad historical picture; why we should attend to the way that we imaginatively "model" mental activities in interpreting historical thinkers, and how a "metaphysical model" of knowing as a kind of being is developed in Aristotle, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Plotinus, Averroes, and Aquinas.

15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th October 2018
10h30-12h30, Departamento de Filosofia (Torre B, piso 1)

1. "Intelligibility and the Order of Intellects in Aquinas" (Discussion of chs. 1-3)

2-3. "Forms and Likenesses: The Problem of Intelligible Species" (Discussion of chs. 4-5)

4. "Intentionality and Attention in Aquinas" (Discussion of ch. 6)

5. "The Verbum and the Human Soul in Aquinas" (Discussion of chs. 7-8)

Comments by: Celia López Alcalde (Univ. Porto), José Meirinhos (Univ. Porto), Rodrigo Guerizoli (Univ. Federal Rio de Janeiro), Tommaso Piazza (Univ. Pavia).

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September 7, 2018, 10:00am +01:00

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