CFP: Special Issue of MANUSCRITO: “Aristotle on science and its logical and metaphysical entanglements”

Submission deadline: March 31, 2019

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Special Issue of MANUSCRITO: 

“Aristotle on science and its logical and metaphysical entanglements”

This special issue of Manuscrito (ISSN 2317-630X) aims to explore the intricacies of Aristotle's notion of science. The main reference is Aristotle’s theory of scientific demonstration developed in the Posterior Analytics, but the domain of subjects for the contributions include the logical and metaphysical entanglements of that theory, as well as the methodological questions involved in Aristotle’s actual practice as a scientist (in any field – including practical philosophy). Topics/questions that we hope to address include, but are not limited to: Aristotle’s notion of causality and explanation; the notion of necessity in Aristotle’s theory of demonstration; demonstration and syllogism; essences as the object of definitions and as principles of demonstrations; per se predications; the nature and range of the principles; methods of problem-solving; kind-crossing; methodology of inquiry; the role of experience. 

Guest editors: Prof. Lucas Angioni (University of Campinas) and Prof. Breno Zuppolini (Unifesp: Federal University of Sao Paulo)

Submission deadline: March 31, 2019

Invited contributors include: James Lennox, R. J. Hankinson, Henry Mendell, Michail Peramatzis, David Bronstein, Benjamin Morison, Paolo Fait, Owen Goldin, Pieter Sjoerd Hasper, Klaus Corcilius, Laura Castelli, Adam Crager, Marko Malink and Andrea Falcon.

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