CFP: New Developments in Legal Reasoning and Logic: From Ancient Law to Modern Legal Systems

Submission deadline: February 28, 2019

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Call for Papers:

New Developments in Legal Reasoning and Logic

From Ancient Law to Modern Legal Systems

We (Shahid Rahman, Matthias Armgardt and Hans Christian Nordtveit Kvernenes) would like to announce an edited volume in the 'Logic, Argumentation and Reasoning' series by Springer that will contain papers stemming from ‘Logic, Law and Legal Reasoning’, a workshop in UNILOG 2018 (6th World Congress on Universal Logic), but will also contain other papers with a relevant topic. It will be reviewed and we hope that you might be interested in participating to this publication. The publication should discuss new insights in the interaction between logic and law, and more precisely the study of different answers to the question:

  • What role does logic play in legal reasoning?

It will present both current challenges and historical perspectives in the relation between logic and law. The perspectives to be discussed involve (but is not restricted to) the interface of the following studies:

  • Foundational studies:
  • - Logical Principles and Frameworks,
  • - Meaning,
  • - Reasoning in Deontic Contexts.
  • Applications:
  • - Legal practice and Computer-Based Modelisations,
  • - Argumentation Theory
  • Historical perspectives:
  • - Legal reasoning in Ancient Roman,
  • - Arabic,
  • - Jewish and Far-East contexts.

The submissions should contribute to the development of those perspectives by the discussion of subjects such as:

  • Analogical Reasoning in Law
  • Deontic Logic and Law
  • Non-Monotonic Reasoning and Law
  • Defeasible Reasoning and Law
  • Argumentation Theory within Legal Contexts
  • Epistemic Logics and Law
  • Joergensen's Dilemma
  • Hypothetical Reasoning and Law
  • Proof-Theory and Legal Reasoning
  • Reliabilty, Epistemic Logics and Legal Reasoning
  • Probability and Legal Reasoning

Submission instructions:

  • The editors will be Shahid Rahman, Matthias Armgardt and Hans Christian Nordtveit Kvernenes.
  • All submissions should be sent to
  • There are no particular restrictions on the length of the submissions.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by a panel.
  • The deadline for submissions is 28. February.

Best regards,

Shahid Rahman, Matthias Armgardt and Hans Christian Nordtveit Kvernenes

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