The Future of Whole Person Education in East Asian Higher Education: Its Philosophy and Endeavour from Within and Abroad

September 27, 2019 - September 28, 2019
Department of Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Baptist University

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The conference aims to explore the context and the future development of whole person education and philosophy. Discussions will also extend to the promotion of value education, moral education, cultural education, East Asian cultural contexts, and service learning in East Asia region. The following are some suggested sub-themes for the conference:

(1) Philosophy of whole person education;
(2) Context of whole person education in East Asia and case studies;
(3) Innovative trend of whole person education;
(4) Moral culture in the East and West and inter-cultural interaction;
(5) Moral education, value education and service culture in East Asia region;
(6) Confucianism and modern education;
(7) Ethics and modern education;
(8) Social, political and economic research and value education;
(9) Asian religions and whole person education

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