CFP: Beyond Secular Faith. The Whole in the Fragment: Sacramental versus Contractual Logic

Submission deadline: April 15, 2019

Conference date(s):
June 23, 2019 - June 30, 2019

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Conference Venue:

Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein
Granada, Spain

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7th Annual Summer School and International Conference

Beyond Secular Faith

The Whole in the Fragment: Sacramental versus Contractual Logic.

June 23-30, 2019

"God is Love." This wager concerning the nature of God - theological in the deepest sense - is generated, not from an idea, but from the experience of the encounter with Jesus Christ, the primordial "sacrament" of the Father.  It entails not only a judgment concerning the nature of God himself but a judgment concerning the nature and meaning of reality and of our embodiment. This Love, of which reality is a sign as Jesus is the sign of the Father, is rightly qualified as semper maior, a fact always greater than our ideas and predeterminations. As such, the sign of love always breaks open our contractual logic. This year's summer school will be an attempt think within the horizon of this semper maior, to pose the question of the human as bound up with the Love that is God himself and the world which is the concrete sign of that Love.

For six years our summer school has facilitated a rich and friendly theological, philosophical and cultural dialogue in freedom, in the unique setting of Granada, a breathtakingly beautiful city that lies at the historic crossroads of modernity and the Christian tradition.


Both the Summer School and the Academic Conference are open to professors, academic researchers, and graduate students. 

Participants can choose to participate in either the summer school or the conference, or both.

Summer School: June 23-28

Academic Conference: June 28-30

To apply for the Summer School and/or submit a paper for presentation at the Academic Conference, please send the following items to [email protected] :

A short CV;

Letter of Interest;

If interested in presenting a paper, a paper abstract (400 words) on the conference theme.


A key feature of the IFES Summer School is the out-of-class learning which will be an integral part of each module. All International Summer students and professors will stay in a 4 star hotel with swimming pool, near the heart of the city.

The programme fee includes all tuition costs, your own private room with bathroom, a comprehensive orientation and social activities.

BLOCK 1 (23-28 June) - Summer School - Room & Board: 550€/person*

BLOCK 2 (27-30 June) - Conference - Room & Board: 390€/person*

BLOCK 1 & 2 (23-30 June) -  Summer School & Conference - Room & Board: 695€/person*

BLOCK 3 (23-30 June) -  Summer School & Conference - Without Room & Board: 100€/person

For additional conference details to be announced, please visit:

Or e-mail: [email protected]

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