Greater Cascadia History and Philosophy of Science workshop

May 17, 2019
Department of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University

SFU Harbour Centre

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities

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Simon Fraser University

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Greater Cascadia History and Philosophy of Science Workshop

Friday, May 17, 2019

Simon Fraser University, Downtown Vancouver Campus

This is a networking event to bring together those working in history and philosophy of science in the region that is broadly defined in terms of the tectonic structure of the Cascadia region (or, driving distance to Vancouver).

Pre-workshop activity: May 16th, 3-5PM, Vancouver Aquarium engagement room.

Tickets may be picked up for earlier entry to the Aquarium.

Contacts: Holly Andersen,, and Cody Brooks,

Registration for workshop and meals here:



Program Schedule:

9AM: Keynote: Hasok Chang

            Chair: Holly Andersen

10-10:15: Coffee

10:15 – 12:45 (30 mins per speaker) Chair: Sina Fazelpour

1.     Paul Franco, “Ordinary Language Philosophy & the Historical Turn in Philosophy of Science”

2.     Megan Delehanty, “Epistemic Injustice in Psychiatry”

3.     Mark Tonelli, “Mechanism in Clinical Medicine: Use and Justification”

4.     Christopher Stephens, “Modus Darwin Redux”

5.     Benjamin Feintzeig, “Reductive Explanation and the Construction of Quantum Theories”

Lunch: 12:45-1:45 Nuba.

1:45PM: Keynote: John Dupre

            Chair: Alison Wylie

2:45-3PM: Coffee

3PM – 5:30PM (30 mins per speaker) Chair: Cem Erkli

1.     Alison McConwell, “The Relevance of Individuality to Scientific Practice”

2.     Marc Ereshefsky, “The Grounded Functionality Account of Natural Kinds”

3.     Kino Zhao, “Sample Representation in the Social Sciences”

4.     Bert Baumgartner, “Towards a Theory of Replications, Open Science, and Reproducibility”

5.     Brian Hanley, “Mill's Problem of Causal Selection: A More Millian Interpretation”

Dinner: 6 PM, Brioche.

We aim for an accessible conference for all participants; the only activity that may have compromised access is the lunch. if you have any specific questions or considerations, please contact the organizers directly and we can find a solution.

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