CFP: Special Issue of Axiomathes: Foundational Issues in Semantics and Pragmatics

Submission deadline: January 31, 2019

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Foundational Issues in Semantics and Pragmatics  

Guest editors:
Tadeusz Ciecierski (University of Warsaw)
Paweł Grabarczyk (IT Copenhagen & University of Łódź)  

Deadline for submissions:
the 31st of January 2018  

In recent decades philosophers, linguists and cognitive scientists developed sophisticated theories and took part in the discussions that cover most aspects of language conceived both as a structure or system and as an instrument of communication. As a result, we are dealing nowadays with a proliferation of competing theories of meaning, content, reference, context etc. However, this proliferation may look problematic to these philosophers who perceive the absence of consensus as an indicator of methodological efficiency  of a discipline and (possibly) even as an indicator of meaninglessness of questions addressed within particular debates. It may be, therefore, recommended to stop for a while and take a closer look at foundational issues addressed in the fields of semantics and pragmatics. The aim of the issue is to address questions regarding such crucial theoretical notions like linguistic meaning, content, reference, utterance, context of utterance as well as the relations between theories of language and ontology, theories of language and logic and mathematics, theories of language and cognitive science. The following list contains examples of topics interesting from the viewpoint of the special issue (the list has an open character):  

Meaning and content
Content and extension
Truth conditions and use conditions
Semantic paradoxes
Facts, states of affair and situations in semantics
Ontology and semantics
Use and meaning of expressions
The nature of semantic types and categories
The role of context in utterance interpretation
Logically oriented semantics and its alternatives
The nature of lexical meaning
Expressions-types, expressions-tokens, uses of expressions
Time and modality in language and language use
The methodology of semantics and pragmatics  

We welcome papers that address these (and other) issues from the intratheoretical perspective (i.e. by developing particular theory or a solution to an important theoretical problem in semantics or pragmatics), from the inter-theoretical perspective (critical studies, comparative studies etc.), and from meta-perspective (methodology of the fields, issues in meta-semantics, issues in meta-pragmatics etc.). In order to submit the paper one is kindly asked to visit the Axiomathes editorial manger website:  and, after login in, select "S.I. FISP" in the scroll-down "Article Type" menu.  

All submitted papers will be double-blind peer reviewed.

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