Another Plea for Slaney's General Logic
Shay Logan (Macalester College)

February 15, 2019, 6:00am - 8:00am
Logic Group, The University of Melbourne

Parkville 3010


National Taiwan University

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Shay Logan (Macalester) will present "Another Plea for Slaney's General Logic"  at 11 on 15 February in Arts West 212 West Wing. The talk will be delivered remotely.

Abstract: In 1990, John Slaney argued, on mostly familiar relevant grounds, that if we have an interest in logic being general, then we should pay serious attention to the weak relevant logic DW. In this talk, I'll offer another argument for taking DW seriously, again on grounds related to generality. But rather than focusing on the usual relevant motivations, I'll instead try to make the case for DW on philosophically neutral territory. In particular, what I will show is that a particularly natural way of working out the claim that logic is universal already commits us to concepts from which DW falls out very naturally.  

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