CFP: Mellon Philosophy as a Way of Life Project

Submission deadline: January 15, 2019

Conference date(s):
June 17, 2019 - June 21, 2019

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Conference Venue:

University of Notre Dame
South Bend, United States


We are delighted to announce the Mellon Philosophy as a Way of Life Project,a new initiative to help scholars effectively teach philosophy as a way oflife. If you teach philosophy at a post-secondary institution and areinterested, please check out our website: and considersubmitting a letter of intent.

We are putting together a network of interested scholars to share resourcesand to participate in a week-long workshop we will be running at theUniversity of Notre Dame for members, each of the next three summers. Youcan apply for travel funding and we have seed grants for undergraduate peermentorship programs. We are also building up a digital portal to shareexperiences, teaching materials, and research in this area.

The PhiLife project is open to anyone teaching classes that incorporate aspects of philosophy as a way of life. It is not just for courses specifically dedicated to philosophy as a way of life: we want to encourage PhiLife elements in a wide variety of courses. The workshops and portal will haveresource for incorporating philosophy as a way of life ideas and exercisesinto various types of courses.

Everyone who teaches at a post-secondary institution (adjunct,tenure-track, and tenured philosophy teachers) is eligible to apply. International applicants are also very welcome.

Toapply, please submit a letter of interest outlining your experience withteaching philosophy as a way of life and your reasons for wanting toparticipate in the network. If you wish to be considered for travel fundingfor the conference, your letter should also outline your level of need forthis funding. Letters of interest for the first cohort are due Jan 15, 2019and should be sent to  The subject line should include
"Letter of Interest: NAME INSTITUTION".  The deadline for applying for thefirst cohort is Jan 15, 2019.

Network members commit to attending at least one of the summer workshopsand to sharing teaching resources from their courses with other members onthe upcoming *PhiLife* portal. Funded participants are expected to attendeach of the three annual weekly summer workshops and to either develop orexpand a "way of life" course at their institution. Any questions aboutthis project or about letters of interest may be directed to

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