CFP: The Acorn: Philosophical Studies in Pacifism and Nonviolence

Submission deadline: July 1, 2019

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The Acorn: Philosophical Studies in Pacifism and Nonviolence welcomes papers for a special commemorative issue marking the 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (Oct. 2nd 2019).

Over the last century plus, Gandhi’s worldwide impact has been (and continues to be) undeniable. Analyses of Gandhi’s significance as a historical figure are readily noticeable.

Given the aims of the journal, however, papers that explicate the relevance Gandhi’s philosophy has for specifically contemporary challenges (including but not limited to climate change, threats to pluralism, worldwide economic inequalities) or that indicate the value of pursuing previously unexplored lines of inquiry within Gandhian studies are especially welcomed.

Please email manuscripts to Sanjay Lal via attachment at no later than July 1st 2019.

Please indicate “Acorn Submission” in the subject line and stipulate in the body of the email that the submission has not been previously published and is not simultaneous. Acorn style is MLA 8th. MS Word is preferred, but rtf is acceptable.

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