CFP: Violence and ethics: Call for papers for 2019 edition of Ethical Education Journal

Submission deadline: August 31, 2019

Topic areas


On behalf of the editorial board of „Edukacja Etyczna” (Ethical Education) Journal (ISSN 2083-8972), we would like to invite scholars to submit articles for the forthcoming 2019 issue. The 2019 issue of our journal will be entirely dedicated to the contemporary studies of the relationship between ethics and violence. As our journal is primarily interested in the education of ethics, we will be especially interested in original articles, relating to the possibility of using ethical education as a means to counter the consequences of social and political violence. Articles in philosophy and ethics are welcome, however, given our interdisciplinary nature, we are also anticipating propositions from social sciences, offering sociological, anthropological, cultural and political analysis of contemporary studies in violence. Ph.D. students, working on thesis concentrating on the relationship between violence and ethics are also welcome to submit their research. Specific themes of proposals can be related (although certainly not limited) to the following issues:

-Contemporary ethical theories and the question of violence

-Violence, injustice, and ethics

-Racial violence and ethical education

-Feminist ethics versus violence against women

-Violence against animals and against the environment (ecological crime) and the role of ethical education

-Education in ethics as a means to limit social and/or political violence

-Efficacy of ethical protests against acts of violence

-Violence in social protests and moral responsibility of protesters

-Contemporary theories and applications of non-violence

-Violence and neo-colonialism in ethical perspectives

-The relationship between violence and social organization

Proposed texts, not exceeding 8000 words should be sent in „Edukacja Etyczna” e-mail address: [email protected]

Submission deadline for full papers is August 31, 2019. (deadline was extended in reply to requests)

 Submitted articles will be consequently anonymized and peer-reviewed in the double-blind peer review process. Each text will be submitted to at least two anonymous evaluations. Information on article acceptance or rejection will be delivered to authors no later than 30 October 2019.

For details concerning article preparation, please refer to our website:

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