Bergson's Radical Challenge to Philosophy & the Life Sciences

February 27, 2019
Trinity College, Oxford

Sutro Room
Oxford OX1 3PN
United Kingdom


  • The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
  • Life Itself in Theory and Practice Network

Main speakers:

University of Leeds
Manchester Metropolitan University
Oxford University


Oxford University

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Henri Bergson (1859–1941) was the most influential philosopher of the early-20th century. His work on time, free will, memory, and evolution made lasting contributions to philosophy and to the sciences more broadly. Recent years have seen philosophers and historians of philosophy and the sciences engaging anew with insights drawn from his work, and exploring their relevance. The seminar brings together three scholars - Emily Herring (Leeds), Mark Sinclair (Roehampton), and Yaron Wolf (Oxford) - who will discuss a number of Bergson's key contributions.

Yaron Wolf (Oxford) – Introduction: 'The only reality that is given'. The Challenges of Duration
Emily Herring (Leeds) - How Bergson Helped 20th-Century Biologists Get Creative About Evolution
Mark Sinclair (Roehampton) - Bergson on Art, Possibility, and Retroactivity

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