The Quantification of Bodies. Organism, Health And Representation: From Renaissance to Big Data

November 28, 2019 - November 29, 2019
Instituto de Estudos Filosóficos, Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra

Largo Porta Férrea

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As a discipline historically placed in the middle between natural sciences, technology, and art, medicine has always been sensitive to both theories and apparatuses able to provide it with a quantification and a reshaping of the living body, as well as a practi-cal possibility of operating on it.

This is why, in the era of the maximum growth of telecommunication, algorith-mic information technology, and data-driven decision making, new forms of medical practice, and new alliances between medicine and technology are arising. Not without a continuity, in the discontinuity, with a Modern approach, which has progressively “translated” the living organism and the concept of “health” within a quantitative model.

The Congress is aimed at exploring the historical as well as the contemporary connections between “organism” and quantification, dealing with the following phil-osophical issues, which proposed papers are invited to touch upon (one or more):


1. Historical Issues (From the Renaissance to the 20th Century).

2. Contemporary Issues.

3. Reproducing Living Body and Health, Aesthetics Issues.

See the CFP section for more information.


All those interested in participating are invited to contact us through the email: as well as to visit Coimbra!

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