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Submission deadline: June 1, 2019

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Radical Philosophy Review Special Issue

Strategies of Resistance

Call for Submissions from the 13thBiennial Radical Philosophy Association Conference

The Radical Philosophy Review invites article submissions for a special issue on the theme “Strategies of Resistance,” widely interpreted. We

encourage conference participants at the 13th Biennial Meeting of the Radical Philosophy Association to develop their presentations into article-length works suitable for publication.

The 13th Biennial conference provided a wealth of responses to the racist, sexist, nationalist, transphobic, nativist rhetoric and policies of the Trump administration. The conference also showed how, across the globe, individuals and communities are joining together to resist neoliberalism, climate change, and global capital. It demonstrated how these individuals and communities are practicing significant actions of solidarity and creatively imagining and prefiguring a new and more just world. In this special issue we hope to capture some of the highlights of this year's conference.


Manuscripts should be sent as e-mail attachments (preferably in MS Word) to the guest editors of the special issue at Manuscripts should be no more than

10,000 words and should include an abstract of fewer than 100 words. Please attach two copies, one of which should be prepared for anonymous refereeing with all direct or indirect references to the author removed. In the non-anonymous copy, include a short author bio, email, and mailing address. Citation style should follow the Chicago Manual of Style with abbreviated citations in footnotes and a list of references at the end of the article.

Submissions are dueJune 1, 2019 -- NOTE EXTENDED DEADLINE

Guest Editors:

George Fourlas, Hampshire College
José Jorge Mendoza, University of Massachusetts Lowell Cory Wimberly, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

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