Call for Commenters-at-Large: Between Ethics and Belief: Ethical Believing and the Epistemology of Ethics

Submission deadline: April 29, 2019

Conference date(s):
June 11, 2019

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Conference Venue:

CONCEPT, University of Cologne
University of Cologne, Germany

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In our contemporary context, agents have morally problematic beliefs. They fail to credit reliable testifiers in some situations, and over-credit others. They generalize on salient but irrelevant features (such as race, sex, sexual orientation) and reach morally problematic conclusions. These beliefs wrong others. Recent work contends that (i) sometimes beliefs that harm may be epistemically well supported, (ii) because the beliefs cause harm, we ought not believe them, and – most controversially – (iii) we ought to rethink our notion of epistemic justification to reflect that moral concerns affect whether a belief is epistemically justified.

 This conference will bring together leading voices within the debate on moral encroachment to discuss the ways in which moral requirements apply to belief, and whether these requirements conflict with epistemic requirements.

We invite applications for commenters-at-large. To apply, send a note of your interest to Amy Flowerree ([email protected]) before April 30, 2019. Please include your CV and a short statement of how this workshop relates to your research interest. We will prioritize graduate students.

We have funds to assist travel and accomodations for up to four commenters-at-large.

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