3rd Conference "Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind"

August 29, 2019 - August 30, 2019
University of Göttingen

Göttingen 37073

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"Feeling Sense-Making, Enacting Meaning: The Lived Unity of an Experience and the Mind-Body-Language Continuity"  

The aim of this conference is to put into focus the role of embodied cognitive-emotional and linguistic sense-making in our being sensitive to multiple domains of meanings in the sensorimotor and social interaction with the environment. 

Recent studies in neuroscience and philosophy of mind (Fuchs 2018; Di Paolo et al. 2018) highlight the role of the subjective and intersubjective embodied evaluation of sense-making in experiencing the bodily conditions of meaningconstitution in social interaction and in the constitution of a shared reality in our sensorimotor engagement with the world. Moreover, they support the view that human experience relies on the mind-body-language continuity.

This conference highlights the enactive relation between subjectivity, intersubjectivity and sensorimotor coupling with the environment in the constitution of an experience. According to John Dewey, an experience has a unity. The existence of this unity is constituted by a single quality that pervades the entire experience in spite of the variation of its constituent parts. The capacity of experience to mean and to become an experience is realized through a consummatory process of bodily sense-making and completes itself. Such an experience is aesthetic for it conveys a feeling of wholeness. 

The submission of contributions that highlight enactive sense-making in the lived process of meaning generation in experiencing interactions and the embodied quality of an experience is encouraged.

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