Zurich Speaker Series on Moral Responsibility

April 9, 2019 - May 28, 2020
Centre for Ethics, University of Zürich

Zollikerstrasse 117
Zürich 8008

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All speakers:

Tulane University
University College London
Princeton University
University of Vienna
Washington and Lee University
University of California, Berkeley
University College London


University of Zürich
University of Zürich
University of Zürich

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From May 2019 to May 2020, the Zurich Speaker Series on Moral Responsibility will host nine philosophers at the University of Zurich, who'll present work in progress on moral responsibility. The schedule will be:

9 May: Elinor Mason (Edinburgh)

28 May 2019: Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge)

26 September 2019: Robert Hartman (Stockholm)

17 October 2019: Erasmus Mayr (Erlangen)

7 November 2019: Ulrike Heuer (UCL)

12 December 2019: Gideon Rosen (Princeton)

20 February 2020: Susanne Boshammer (Osnabrück)

23 April 2020: Angela Smith (Washington and Lee)

28 May 2020: Jay Wallace (Berkeley)

The usual format will be that a manuscript is circulated and read beforehand, and then discussed with the speaker. The sessions will run from 4.15 to 6 pm, and take place at the Centre for Ethics (Zollikerstrasse 117, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland; room ZOA-E-14). They'll be followed by a dinner, at which everyone is welcome to join.

For more information, please visitzurichmoralresponsibility.com, or write to [email protected]

Organized by the Zurich Working Group on Moral Responsibility: Jennifer Page, Stefan Riedener and Philipp Schwind.

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