Law and Chaos - Disorder in the Law

September 26, 2019
Faculty of Law and Administration , Szczecin University

Main Building of Faculty
Gabriela Narutowicza 17A
Szczecin 70-240

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Welcome to the conference Law and Chaos - Disorder in the Law at Szczecin University (POLAND), 26 September 2019.

By default, it is assumed that the purpose of the law is to organize the social order, therefore, putting in order. But what if the law becomes a source of chaos, disorder? Disorder is the anti-idea or antithesis of law, what consequences does it bring in the sphere of law, given that it is its immanent part?

The legal theory identified the formal defects of the legal system as a system of norms and distinguished inconsistencies between norms. They can be as formal as praxeological. Inconsistencies undoubtedly lead to disorder and inconsistency. These defects sometimes have significant practical effects. This is the first, formal aspect of disorder.

The second aspect is the narrative incompatibility. Although the law is supposed to be a kind of story created by participants of a legal discourse (judges, lawyers, etc.), in fact the law is sometimes a conglomeration of novelettes or stories created by many authors. Another aspect can be the law as a tool for destabilization. Law intentionally created, to destroy order.  An example can be the law of totalitarian states, but equally the one created by quasi-revolutionary or anti-democratic governments, including those governing modern Eastern Europe.

The last area is ethical in nature. Michael Foucault emphasized the order-making role of the law by adopting a critical perspective. Discipline is the dimension of putting in order, but also enslavement. Zygmunt Bauman, following the Freudian idea of Das Unbehagen in der Kultur, thought that it is by no means that the greatest desire of a man is order in the sense of organization (organizing). Because one can talk about various orders related to the law - such order can be the order of love (example of the Gospel) or mercy and forgiveness.


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September 10, 2019, 7:45pm CET

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