Ancient Philosophy & the Analytical and Transcendental Traditions Colloquium

August 27, 2019 - August 28, 2019
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile


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  • Diego Portales University
  • Los Andes University, Chile

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Ancient Philosophy & the Analytical and Transcendental Traditions Colloquium

Through the present, we want to invite scholars and graduate students all around the world to submit their abstracts to the Ancient Philosophy & the Analytical and Transcendental Traditions Colloquium, to be held on August 27 and 28, 2019, in Santiago, Chile. The event is the product of a joint effort of Diego Portales University, Los Andes University, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. 

The purpose of this event is to stimulate and contribute to the discussion of theoretically relevant problems of ancient philosophy in both analytical and transcendental traditions. The event will focus on the following areas or philosophical disciplines:  logic, epistemology, and metaphysics. Such discussion can be approached as each author prefers and works can be developed from different perspectives and different interests. Thus, we will consider works, for instance:

•On transcendental or analytic-inspired interpretations of the works of ancient philosophers.
•About the appropriation or revival of some philosophers or schools’ ancient doctrines or concepts within Analytical or Transcendental traditions. 
•About more general philosophical problems taking into account the work of philosophers from these different traditions.

Marcelo Boeri (Catholic University of Chile) 
Jorge Mittelmann (University de Los Andes)
Hernán Pringe (Diego Portales University)
Tuomas Tahko (Bristol University)

Please submit abstracts (300-500 words) to any of the organizers.
Responses to submissions will be sent by day 15 July 2019
(Foreign applicants may ask for a faster review, in which case the answer will be sent within two weeks after the reception of the abstract).

Luciano Garófalo: [email protected]
Daniel Pantoja: [email protected]
Claudio Vera: [email protected]
Adriana Romero: [email protected]

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