Rutgers-Bristol Workshop on the Metaphysical Unity of Science

June 10, 2019 - June 11, 2019
Rutgers University - Campus at Newark

Conklin Hall 455
175 University Ave
Newark 07102
United States


Rutgers University - Newark
Lehigh University
University of Pittsburgh
King's College London
Butler University
University of Utah
University of Bristol
Virginia Tech


Rutgers University - Newark
University of Bristol

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Schedule - June 10th 

(Talks are aprox. 45 minutes with 30 minutes for Q&A)

9:00    Mazviita Chirimuuta, Emergence in Science & the Unity of Science

10:15  Joyce Havstad, TBA

12:00  Lunch, Marcus P&B.  Part of RUN and Newark’s Community Development.

2:00    Ricki Bliss, Fundamentality: From Epistemology to Metaphysics

3:15    Tuomas Tahko, Laws of Metaphysics for Essentialists

Schedule - June 11th 

9:00    Kelly Trodgon, Grounding and Explanatory Gaps

10:15  Stuart Glennan, Rethinking Mechanistic Constitution 

12:00  Lunch, Mercato Tomato Pie.

2:00    Alex Franklin,  How Do Levels Emerge?

3:15    Ken Aizawa, New Directions in Compositional Explanation: Two Cases Studies

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Evan Thomas Butts
University of Bristol

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