Violence and Necropolitics

September 27, 2019 - September 28, 2019
Philosophy Department, DePaul University

2352 N Clifton Ave
Chicago 60614
United States

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Our socio-political present is marked by an admixture of violence––some

inherited, stable structures and systems, some transformations and renewals

of old forms of violence, and some wholly new phenomena. All of these

urgently require conceptual frameworks which can make them intelligible

and thus act as a step towards resistance. Movements of resistance and

response to the violence of the present likewise require analysis and

conceptualization. Confrontations with these myriad forms of violence

provide thinkers today with vastly different access-points for conceptualizing

harm. These diverse perspectives can shed light on the radically different

types of violence constitutive, characteristic, and resultant of our social,

political, and economic structures, and our everyday ethical dealings.

This conference is open to a wide range of topics and approaches, including:

· Afro-pessimism

· Ongoing structural violence instated by colonialism, racism, sexism and

resulting instances of physical violence

· Trauma and reconstituting the self

· Biopolitics and Necropolitics

· Rhetoric of violence

· Legitimacy of violence as an ethical response

· Forgiveness

· Retributive and restorative justice

· General possibilities of ethical community

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