The Philosophy of Kit Fine

January 25, 2013 - January 27, 2013
New York University

Ground Floor Auditorium
5 Washington Place
New York 10003
United States


  • New York Institute of Philosophy
  • University of Bucharest
  • Oxford University Press


Shamik Dasgupta
Princeton University
Mircea Dumitru
University of Bucharest
Kit Fine
New York University
Paul Hovda
Reed College
Kathrin Koslicki
University of Colorado, Boulder
Gary Ostertag
CUNY Graduate Center
Philip Percival
University of Nottingham
Jim Pryor
New York University
Gideon Rosen
Princeton University
Jessica Wilson
University of Toronto

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NYU will host a conference on the philosophy of Kit Fine on January 25-27, 2013, jointly sponsored by the New York Institute of Philosophy, the NYU Philosophy Department, the University of Bucharest and Oxford University Press. The conference will be held in the NYU philosophy department auditorium at 5 Washington Place and will feature many of the contributors to a new volume of essays on Fine's work, edited by Mircea Dumitru and forthcoming with Oxford University Press. 


Friday, January 25

2.15 - 2.30: Opening remarks by Paul Boghossian, Director of NYIP

2.30 - 4: Gideon Rosen, "What is normative necessity?"

4.30 - 6: Jessica Wilson, "Essence and dependence: methodology and application in Fine's schema-based metaphysics"

6 - 7.30: Reception, sponsored by Oxford University Press

Saturday, January 26

9.30 - 11 Paul Hovda: "Finean mereology"

11.30 - 1 Philip Percival: "Metaphysics of the first order"

2.30 - 4 Kathrin Koslicki: "Essence and individuation"

4.30 - 6 Shamik Dasgupta: "The possibility of physicalism"

Sunday, January 27

9.30 - 11 Mircea Dumitru: "Fine's semantic relationist view on meaning"

11.30 - 1 Gary Ostertag: "Fine on Kripke's puzzle"

2.30 - 4 Jim Pryor: "The essence and the inevitability of hyper-evaluative semantics"

4.30 - 6 Kit Fine: "Truthmaking"

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