2020 FSU Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Agency Conference

February 7, 2020 - February 8, 2020
Department of Philosophy, Florida State University

Dodd Hall Auditorium
151 Dodd Hall
Tallahassee 32306
United States

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  • Congress of Graduate Students at Florida State University
  • Department of Philosophy at Floridat State University

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University of Arizona
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Florida State University
Florida State University

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The Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) of Florida State University is now accepting submissions for their 8th annual graduate conference on Free Will, Moral Responsibility, and Agency.  

Those interested in submitting high quality papers related to free will, moral responsibility, or agency should email submissions to fsupgsa@gmail.com. Papers should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Prepared for anonymous review
  • No more than 4,500 words
  • Suitable for 25-minute presentation
  • Preceded by an abstract of 150-250 words

Along with the paper, please also submit a cover page (in a separate document) with the following information:

  • Presenter’s name
  • Institutional affiliation
  • Contact information (email address and phone number)
  • Title of paper
  • Abstract of the paper
  • Word count

The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2019. We will notify those whose papers have been accepted no later than December 1, 2019.

For questions or further information, please contact Emmanuel Smith (jes18h@my.fsu.edu), Eric Sievers (ets18c@my.fsu.edu), Erik Franklin (eaf18b@my.fsu.edu), or Chris Kalbach (ck18b@my.fsu.edu).

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