Utilitarian Approaches in Animal Ethics

September 9, 2019 - September 11, 2019
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford

Radcliffe Humanities
Radcliffe Humanities
United Kingdom

Main speakers:

New College of Florida
University of Texas at Austin
Texas State University
University of Florida
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Oxford University
Australian Catholic University
New York University
University of Bucharest
Texas A&M University
University of St. Andrews
New York University
University of Southampton


Oxford University
Australian Catholic University
University of Reading (PhD)
Oxford University

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Monday Sept. 9  

2:30-3:45: Bob Fischer, "Utilitarianism for Animals, Kantianism for People"
Commenter: Clare Palmer 

4-5:15: Jeff Sebo, "The Many Levels of Animal Ethics"
Commenter: Emilian Mihailov  

Tuesday Sept. 10  

9am-10: Lucius Caviola, "Utilitarianism for Animals, Kantianism for People? Speciesism in Sacrificial Moral Dilemmas"
No commenter

10:15-11:30: Guy Kahane, "Why People Prioritize Humans Over Animals: A Framework for Moral Anthropocentrism"
Commenter: Richard Rowland

11:30-1: Lunch break

1-2:15: Fiona Woollard, "Animals and the Doing/Allowing Distinction"
Commenter: Thomas Sinclair 

2:30-4: Adam Lerner, "Selective Psychopathy Towards Animals"
Commenter: Kanako Takae 

6pm Dinner at Fir Tree Pub, 163 Iffley Rd, Oxford OX4 1EJ

Wednesday Sept. 11

9am-10:15: Molly Gardner, "Is There an Egalitarian Reason to Promote Animal Well-Being?"
Commenter: Tyler John 

10:30-11:45: David Killoren, "Relationship-Sensitive Utilitarianism About Animals"
Commenter: Nicolas Delon

Noon-1:15: Julia Driver, "Hunting, Butchering, and Authenticity"
Commenter: Theron Pummer

Questions can be directed to David Killoren (david.j.killoren@gmail.com)

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