CFP: Pedagogies of Disaster

Submission deadline: December 6, 2012

Conference date(s):
June 6, 2013 - June 8, 2013

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academic journal continent.
Tirana, Albania

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Online journal continent. announces a Call for Papers.

Pedagogies of Disaster is organized to address the fate of relation and the future of pedagogical practice in the University, and especially as it concerns the humanities. We seek to address the infrastructural or interpersonal changes in the modes of production as it relates to current academia. Through this conference we aim to examine the elements and spaces of the rifts opening up in the polis of the University—its students, professors and administrators. Through two general, though not mutually exclusive, topics—Teaching and Being Taught—we desire to address the pedagogical horizon at a critical limit. We ask for whom or for what are we teaching and we ask from whom or from what are we learning?

The organizers have chosen to forgo parallel sessions in order to promote a shared experience to develop sustained intellectual exchange as expressed by the conference program. Opening and closing lectures will be given by Italian autonomist philosopher and media activist Franco Berardi and French poetry scholar Judith Balso, respectively.

Accepted proposals will engage new propositions toward thinking the “academy” in regards to its state of existence and fact of its productions. Considered proposals may engage themes such as:

  • traumas: being taught, teaching; dissemination, insemination
  • fragile relations: risk, responsibility, love; honor, nobility, sub-alterity
  • accountability: governance, ministry, office; entitlement; contingent faculty
  • master and slave: degrees of reason; faculty in absentia; digitalization, automation
  • obliteration: physical and intellectual authenticity; teaching places
  • the impotent institution: boredom, disappointment; fatigue, diagnostics; oppression, resistance
  • intellectual debt: pay-back; allegiance, loyalty, fidelity
  • modes of production: student as product; the university factory

Those interested in submitting a proposal are kindly requested to send a 2 paragraph abstract and a short biography to before December 6, 2012.

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