CFP: Philosophy of Love and Loving

Submission deadline: October 31, 2019

Topic areas


Call for Papers: Philosophy of Love and Loving, edited anthology of original papers


Editor: Simon Cushing, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Michigan-Flint

Deadline for 700-1,000-Word chapter proposals: October 31st, 2019

This anthology will collect papers that apply the tools of analytic philosophy to topics associated with what love is and what it is to love.  The hope is that the papers will demonstrate familiarity with contemporary philosophical discussions of the relevant topics while at the same time making the material accessible to non-philosophers.  Use of philosophical jargon should be kept to a minimum and explained when use is unavoidable. 

An incomplete list of possible topics for submissions:

·        A taxonomy of love(s)

·        Critical studies of classic analyses of love

·        The ethics of love

·        Should love be unconditional?

·        Can non-human animals love?

·        Can one believe one is in love but be wrong? 

·        Loving one’s children

·        Loving intellectually disabled individuals

·        Is love for inanimate objects (e.g. one’s country) possible?

·        Is love compatible with doing one’s moral duty?  If not, which should win out?

·        Is love an unreservedly good thing?

·        What is the relationship between love and sex?  (Is totally asexual love deficient in any way?)

·        Is it permissible to be blinded by love, or must love be completely clear-eyed?

·        Is love compatible with obsession?

·        Can one live a worthwhile life without love?

·        The possibility, limits and ethics of self-love

These are just suggestions: if you believe you have a philosophically fecund topic that is not listed, feel free to send a proposal on that.

Submission guidelines:

Submissions should be sent to by the deadline of October 31st, 2019

§  Include “Philosophy of Love” in the email heading

§  Name and institutional affiliation

§  300-400 word Abstract

Acceptances will be made by November 10th and completed manuscripts (provisionally around 20 pages double-spaced, but this is negotiable) will be due by April 10th, 2020, so this deadline should be borne in mind as you submit your proposal

Supporting material

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