Affect, Politics, and Knowledge

August 15, 2019
Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry, Austrlaian Catholic University

IRCI seminar room Level 4 (room no. 460.4.28)
250 Victoria Parade
Melbourne 3002

All speakers:

Macquarie University
Macquarie University


University of Reading (PhD)

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The workshop is part of a 3-day symposium on Affect and the History of Emotions in Religion, Philosophy, and Politics run by the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions and the Institute for Religion and Critical Inquiry at the Australian Catholic University. 

The workshop will have 4 talks. Each talk will be 20 minutes long followed by 20 minutes for Q&A. The schedule and titles of the talks is as follows:

2.00-2.40: Mark Alfano (ACU) - A conceptual replication of the motivated numeracy effect on cultural cognition

2.45-3.25: Jeanette Kennett (Macquarie) - Reasoning about punishment and responsibility in the wild and in the courtroom

3.35–4.15: Ben Moffitt (ACU) - Populism versus Technocracy: Performance, Passions, and Aesthetics

4.20–5.00: Donovan Schaefer (UPenn) - The Lust to Believe: Affect, Conspiracy Theory, and Race

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