CFP: Special Issue of European Journal for the Philosophy of Science on Perspectivism in Science

Submission deadline: October 21, 2019

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GUEST EDITOR: Michela Massimi

TITLE: Perspectivism in science: metaphysical and epistemological reflections.

SUBMISSIONS PERIOD: 1 June 2019 until 21 October 2019.

SYNOPSIS: The European Journal for the Philosophy of Science is excited to announce the Call for Papers for a topical collection dedicated to Scientific Perspectivism. The goal and rationale for this topical collection is to explore a variety of metaphysical and epistemological issues arising from perspectivism in science.  For example, topics we are interested in exploring (but not exclusively) include: what kind of ontology does perspectivism license? How to rethink entities and natural kinds along perspectival lines?  How to understand the nature of evidence and scientific facts along perspectival lines?

The epistemological issues we are interested in exploring concern the prospects of perspectivism in modelling and representing, the nature of measurement, pluralism, realism, and interdisciplinarity more in general. For example, what kind of pluralism does perspectivism license? Can perspectivism vindicate realist commitments borne out of a suitable notion of explanation? Or does it sit more comfortably with a kind of non-factive understanding of phenomena?

This topical collection is meant to address some of these open questions and to offer a better understanding of the philosophical view called “perspectivism” and its relevance to science. We particularly encourage submissions from non-mainstream areas of philosophy of science and/or from under-represented groups.

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