Isaac Levi Memorial Conference

September 28, 2019
Department of Philosophy, Columbia University

716 Philosophy Hall
1150 Amsterdam Ave
New York 10027
United States


Australian National University
Ludwig Maximilians Universität, München

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Conference Schedule

10AM       Teddy Seidenfeld - Conditional Probability, Conditionalization, and Total Evidence

11AM       Eleonora Cresto - Beyond Indeterminate Utilities. The Case of Neurotic Cake-Cutting

11:20AM  Ignacio Ojea Quintana - Unawareness and Levi’s Consensus as Common Ground

11:40AM  Rush Stewart - Uncertainty, Equality, Fraternity

1PM         Nils-Eric Sahlin - Levi’s Decision Theory: Lessons Learned

1:45PM    Wilfried Sieg - Scientific Theories as Set-Theoretic Predicates?

2:45PM    Panel Discussion - Learning from Levi

                  Jeff Helzner, Philip Kitcher, Charles Parsons, Carol Rovane, and others

Abstracts available in attached documents under "Supporting material."


A memorial service will be held at 5PM at St. Paul’s Chapel on the Columbia campus. Reception to follow on the 7th floor of Philosophy Hall.

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