CFP: APA pacific division 2020

Submission deadline: October 12, 2019

Conference date(s):
April 8, 2020 - April 11, 2020

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American Philosophical Association
San Francisco, United States

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International Ernst Cassirer Society – APA Pacific Division Panel (San Francisco, April 8-11, 2020) 

TITLE: Cassirer and Kant’s Third Critique 

In 2018, the International Ernst Cassirer Society held a symposium dedicated to Cassirer’s Kant’s Life and Thought that was published 100 years earlier in 1918. The presentations and discussions clearly showed that Kant’s treatment of the problems as of aesthetics and teleology are of renewed interest to Cassirer-scholars. But within Cassirer’s oeuvre Kant’s Critique of Judgement touches an even wider scope of subjects: The philosophy of biology undergoes its own advancement throughout Cassirer’s writings, further monographs approaching Cassirer’s full stance on aesthetics are still pending. The problem of understanding organisms is furthermore intimately bound up with Cassirer’s reception of Goethe and as Kant’s theory of judgement is connected to the doctrine of schematism, Cassirer’s dispute with Heidegger is of interest as well for a new take on «Cassirer and the Critique of Judgement». Finally, another topic of interest is Cassirer’s later view on Leibniz inasmuch as Cassirer formulates an important critique of Leibnizian metaphysics from the standpoint of Kant’s third Critique. The organizers want to address those topics and beyond by inviting scholars from all philosophical fields that are interested in the nexus «Cassirer and Kant’s Third Critique» to discuss their views during a double session at the APA Pacific Meeting in 2020. Call for papers are in demand from now on and are due to October 12th 2019.


Moderator: TBA
Keynote: Arno Schubbach (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich): TBA

Ingmar Meland (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim): TBA

Keynote: TBA 

Tobias Endres (Technical University of Braunschweig): TBA 


PLEASE SEND A TITLE AND ABSTRACT (NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS) BY OCTOBER 12, 2019, to Ingmar Meland @ or Tobias Endres @ Accepted speakers will be notified by October 14, 201. The Society has no funding available for trips and accommodation. 

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