October 13, 2019
Melbourne Free University

134 Lygon Street
East Brunswick

Main speakers:

Deakin University


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This public philosophy workshop is inspired by some of Aristotle’s observations on education. In Politics, for example, he demarcates between “leisure” (active/reflective recreational passing of time, like learning to appreciate good music, gymnastics, contemplation) and “rest” (passive passing of time, like enjoying Bon Jovi, watching Game of Thrones, resting your bones). Leisure is a mark of free men, Aristotle argues, a necessary means to a fulfilling life, while rest is enjoyed by slaves. 

In our 3-hour workshop, we will try to re-think the idea of Leisure. Our line-up is Matthew Sharpe (Deakin), Toko Tazawa (World of Ikebana Melbourne), Tamara Leacock (Remuse), and Roger Butler (Curious Creatures). We will delve into Classical Leisure, Making Ikebana, Making Ethical Clothing, and Making Love respectively.

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October 12, 2019, 6:00pm +10:00

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