Foundations and Methods of Natural Language Semantics III

November 4, 2019 - November 5, 2019
Universitat de Barcelona

Carrer Montalegre
Barcelona 08001

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Monday November 4th

10:30 - 11:30 Isidora Stojanovic (CNRS/IJN Paris) “Derogatory terms and free indirect discourse”

11:45 - 12:15 Dan Zeman (Slovak Academy of Sciences) “A Rich-Lexicon Approach to Slurs”

12:20 - 12:50 Andrei Moldovan (University of Salamanca) “Are There Entailed Conversational Implicatures?”


15h - 16h Bryan Pickel (University of Edinburgh) “Verbal Substitution” 

16:15- 16:45 André Bazzoni (University of Barcelona) “The rigidity of natural kind terms”

16:50 - 17:20 Mar Alloza (University of Barcelona) “Informativity: some special cases in the domain of implicatures and presuppositions"”

17.30- 18.00 Project’s meeting

Tuesday November 5th

10:30 - 11:30 Neri Marsili (University of Barcelona) “Assertion without its constitutive norm”

11:45 -12:15h  Josep Macià (University of Barcelona) “Meanings and Committments”

12:20 – 12:50 David Rey (Univ. El Bosque, Colombia) “Progress on Two (Semantic) Fronts”

13h – 13:30h  Max Kölbel (University of Vienna) “What’s a priori and a posteriori in Natural Language Semantics”

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