CFP: Radical Philosophy Association

Submission deadline: March 15, 2020

Conference date(s):
November 12, 2020 - November 14, 2020

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, San Jose State University
San Jose, United States

Topic areas



The possibilities of impending doom once reserved to the threat of global thermonuclear warfare have unfolded and multiplied in the present day. Today there are a wide variety of reasons to fear the end of civilization, humankind, and even all life on Earth. From environmental catastrophe, automation and the AI singularity, to the saturation of mass communication with propaganda, we seem to be balancing at the tipping point on a number of fronts simultaneously. This meeting is focused on ‘facing’ catastrophe in the senses of describing its features, owning up to it, and tackling it, though papers on any topic of radical philosophy are welcome.


We invite 250-500 word abstracts for talks, papers, workshops, roundtable discussions, and other kinds of innovative conference contributions. We are interested to hear from activists, organizers, philosophers, and those in other related areas of scholarship and struggle. Graduate students should indicate their status to be eligible for the Iris Marion Young Prize and undergraduates should as well to be eligible for special sessions.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS MARCH 15, 2020. Please send Word or PDF documents to Cory Wimberly at [email protected].


In the spirit of collaboration and in the recognition that radical philosophy often takes place outside traditional philosophical settings, we invite submissions not only from philosophers inside and outside the academy but also from activists, and those who engage in theoretical work in other academic disciplines – such as ethnic studies, women’s studies, social sciences, and literary studies – and from those engaged in theoretical work unconnected to the academy. We especially welcome contributions from those often excluded from or marginalized in philosophy, including people of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and poor and working-class people. 

In keeping with the spirit of radical thinking embodied by the RPA, we encourage submissions that employ formats and media that challenge the standard conference presentation. For instance, we urge presenters to use formats that allow for greater interaction between participants and audience (e.g. presenting an outline, rather than reading a paper) and that emphasize collective inquiry (e.g. organizing a workshop). Please note that participants will be selected for at most one presentation (talk, workshop, etc.) during the conference; submissions should be presented with this in mind. (This limit does not include chairing sessions.

NOTE: Please do NOT submit complete papers. 

Please submit paper, workshop, or other proposals related to the conference theme or general themes of the RPA as an email attachment (pdf, docx, doc, or txt) to 

[email protected]

Please provide all the information requested: 


    • Name 
    • Address and email address 
    • Affiliation or independent scholar, activist, educator, etc. 
    • Title of proposal 
    • Nature of proposal (talk, workshop, other) 
    • Abstract of 250-500 words only 
    • Equipment needs, if any
    If you want to be considered for the Iris Marion Young Award for the best paper submitted by a graduate student, please indicate this on your submission
      We are planning to have a special session with undergraduate students who would like to present work related to RPA issues. Please clearly indicate whether you are an undergraduate student.


Note: Due to the length of sessions, we will consider only panels of no more than three people. 

  • Name of the panel contact person and each panel member 
  • Addresses and email addresses of all panel members 
  • Affiliation or independent scholar, activist, educator, etc., for each member 
  • Title of panel proposal 
  • Titles of individual papers, if relevant 
  • Nature of panel proposal (talks, workshop, other) 
  • Abstract of 250-500 words only, if relevant 
  • Equipment needs, if any

If you would be willing to serve as a session chair, please indicate this on your submission form. Session chairs are responsible for timing presentations and ensuring that each presenter gets their fair share of the available time.

For further information, contact the conference Program Committee

Cory Wimberly, Program Committee Chair: [email protected]

Carlos Sanchez Conference Organizer: [email protected]

Cynthia Kaufman, Conference Organizer: [email protected]

Cory Aragon: [email protected]

Mlado Ivanovic:  [email protected]

Anne Pomeroy: [email protected]

Joseph Trullinger: [email protected]

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