Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation 6 (PSX6): Uncertainty in Experimental Contexts

October 15, 2021 - October 16, 2021
Department of Philosophy, Saint Louis University

3050 Olive St.
Saint Louis 63103
United States

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Saint Louis University

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Conference announcement:

Philosophy of Scientific Experimentation 6 (PSX6): Uncertainty in Experimental Contexts

Venue: Saint Louis University, Il Monastero Center, 3050 Olive St., St. Louis, MO, 63103 USA
Dates: October 15-16, 2021

PSX6 will be a hybrid conference. Some papers will be presented in person and others via Zoom. In person presentations will be streamed via Zoom. If you wish to attend in person or to participate online, please help us plan amidst all the uncertainty by contacting Kent Staley at [email protected]

Keynote speakers:
Eran TAL, Philosophy, McGill University, “Measurement Uncertainty and Model-Based Inference”
Elizabeth HASWELL, Biology, Washington University, “Context and Controversies in the Study of Plant Intelligence”

Additional speakers:

Stephen GUTTINGER (LSE), Sofia Blanco SEQUEIROS and Luis MIRELES-FLORES (Helsinki), Michael STÖLTZNER (South Carolina) and Peter MÄTTIG (Bonn), Ronald LAYMON (Ohio State), Ioan MUNTEAN (U Texas, Rio Grande Valley and Old Dominion), Suzanne KAWAMLEH (Indiana), Meghan PAGE (Loyola Maryland), Uljana FEEST (Hannover), Genco GURALP (San Diego State), Vitaly PRONSKIKH (Fermilab), Alisa BOKULICH (Boston University), Evan ARNET (Indiana), Samuel FLETCHER (Minnesota).

To view the entire program, go here.

PSX6 is supported by the College of Arts and Sciences and by the Department of Philosophy at Saint Louis University.

Program Committee:

Allan Franklin (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)
Wendy Parker (Durham University)
Slobodan Perovic (University of Belgrade)
Samuel Schindler (Aarhus University)
Kent Staley (local organizer, Saint Louis University)

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