Rethinking Multiplicity in Philosophy

March 28, 2020 - March 29, 2020
Department of Philosophy, University of Ottawa

Department of philosophy
75 Laurier Ave E
Ottawa K1N 6N5

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  • Canadian Journal of Philosophy (CJP)
  • Société de philosophie du Québec (SPQ)
  • Graduate Students Association of the University of Ottawa (GSAED)
  • Faculty of Arts (University of Ottawa)


University of Ottawa

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We are pleased to announce the holding of the 2020 edition of Philosofest – the annual interuniversity philosophy conference in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. The theme of this year’s conference is twofold : to address the polymorphic nature of methodologies in the discipline of philosophy as well as to reflect on diversity as an empirical and social issue. Voices that have traditionally been overlooked in philosophy are now emerging out of a long imposed silence, and this tendency is simultaneous to the ever growing diversity and openness in the world around us. The methodological tools that arise out of such a synergy leads to a diversification of ideologies both within academia and in our greater societies. The purpose of the 2020 edition of Philosofest is to bring together researchers from all theoretical horizons to reflect on innovative ways to answer to both the multiplicity of issues we address and the approaches we employ.

Historically, there have been thinkers of certain pedigrees whose theories and methodological practices have not been adequately acknowledged. These are voices that have also been suppressed in greater society, including people of colour, women, differently-abled people, and others. As it has been, and is still the case in many spheres of our society, academic institutions do not give adequate attention to these undervalued voices. At the same time though, the practical necessity of consensus and the need to move forward together as a society has become an even more difficult task given the politicization of identity in many liberal democratic societies. As a consequence, managing multiplicity is, for some, a matter of hope that generates open-mindedness. And for others, it is a matter of fear that wrongly spurs isolationist ideals. Such polarized reactions are why now, more than ever, we must continue to reflect on our relation to multiplicity in a manner that generates cohesion. Increasing diversity in academia and welcoming innovative methodological approaches to philosophical debates undoubtedly contributes to this process. This conference is meant to showcase that engaging in philosophy is in itself an expression of the ability of philosophy to account for a high degree of multiplicity.

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