Aristotelian natural philosophy in the early modern period

May 23, 2013 - May 24, 2013
Sarton Centre for History of Science and the Department of Philosophy and Moral Science, University of Ghent


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Daniel Andersson
Oxford University
Roger Ariew
University of South Florida
Paul Richard Blum
Loyola University, Maryland
Helen Hattab
University of Houston
Carla Rita Palmerino
Radboud University Nijmegen

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Early modern philosophers liked to debate about Aristotle just as much as medieval scholars. They had different sources to fuel their discussions: from the humanist preoccupation with a pristine Aristotle and a purification of a corpus perceived as corrupted to the very medieval doctors that others sought to forget. This conference aims at reconstructing the various ways in which Aristotle's natural philosophical books were read and used to nourish various philosophical agendas. 

23 May

10u - 10u30 Opening: Maarten Van Dyck & Lucian Petrescu (Ghent)  

10u30 - 11u30 Paul Richard Blum (Loyola University Maryland): Aristotelian natural philosophy in Ficino

11u30 - 11u45 Koffiepauze  

11u45 - 12u45 Daniel Andersson (Oxford University and Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj) : TBA

12u45 - 14u30 Lunchpauze  

14u30 - 15u20 José Higuera (Institut d’Estudis Medievals, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): The Lullian "atomism" and the problem of continuum: a logical and geometrical explanation of the constitution of the bodies   

15u20 - 16u10 Zornitsa Radeva (University of Freiburg): Reading Averroes' De substantia orbis in Renaissance Padua: two examples

16u10 - 16u30 Koffiepauze

16u30 - 17u20 Joseph Zepeda (St. Mary's College of California): Descartes the arch-Aristotelian: The Theory of Place and Space  

24 May

10u - 11u Helen Hattab (University of Houston): Alteration or Generation? Late Aristotelian Accounts of the Substantial Form

11u - 11u20 Koffiepauze

11u20 - 12u10 Fabrizio Baldassarri (University of Parma): Harvey, Descartes et le rôle de la philosophie naturelle d’Aristote dans la découverte de la circulation

12u10 - 13u Benjamin Goldberg (University of South Florida): William Harvey, Humanism, and Eclectic Aristotelianism

13u - 14u30 Lunchpauze

14u30 - 15u30 Dániel Schmal (Peter Pázmány Catholic University, Budapest): The problem of Memory in Descartes and in Late Scholasticism

15u30 - 16u20 Lucio Mare (University of South Florida): Sed Magis Amicus Aristoteles: Leibniz’ Early Attempt at a Reformed Physics of the Novatores

16u20 - 16u40 Koffiepauze

16u40 - 17u40 Roger Ariew (University of South Florida): Fromondus’ Treatise on the Comet of 1618 and 'De Cometis' from his Meteorology

Contact: Lucian Petrescu ([email protected]) and Maarten Van Dyck ([email protected]).

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