Submission deadline: April 30, 2020

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On behalf of the Ethical Education editorial board, we kindly invite authors to send submission proposals to 2020 issue,  devoted to the ethical implications of the climate change and environmental disaster, as well as the challenges posed by the ecological and climatological crisis facing modern ethics.

The research question of the planned issue of Ethical Education is: „What relevance does ethical reflection have concerning the anthropogenic devastation of the environment?”

This question will hopefully be the starting point for a deepened reflection on the destructive impact of humans (Homo rapax) on the biosphere, biodiversity, and the status of human life. It also aims at provoking further inquiries into bioethics and environmental ethics, posthumanism, deep ecology, deep adaptation theory, ecophilosophy as well as traditional philosophical anthropology.

Topics for submission proposals may relate to the following research questions:

  • In the face of the progressing climate and ecological degradation, how to understand the human attitude towards the world of non-human animals, plants and entire ecosystems?
  • What is the condition of interpersonal relations in the Anthropocene era, especially attitudes towards the inhabitants of depleted regions, with increased risks of drought, heat or fires?
  • Can the values of „climate and environmental justice” and „global responsibility” be effectively realized, taking into account the passivity of politicians and scientists, including criticisms of social movements such as Youth for Climate, School Strike for Climate?
  • In what direction do moral norms change? Does moral reflection really evolve towards deepened respect for life and its various forms (biotopes, ecosystems, endangered animal species)?

All texts sent to the issue will be subject to a double, anonymous review.

Texts in English and Polish are welcome.

Proposed texts, not exceeding 8000 words should be sent in „Edukacja Etyczna” e-mail address: [email protected]

The submission deadline for full papers is April 30, 2020.

Submitted articles will be consequently anonymized and peer-reviewed in the double-blind peer review process. Each text will be submitted to at least two anonymous evaluations. Information on article acceptance or rejection will be delivered to authors no later than 30 June 2020.

For details concerning article preparation, please refer to our guide on journal website.

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