CFP: Business and Social Media: Opportunities and Risks

Submission deadline: January 31, 2020

Conference date(s):
November 13, 2020

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Conference Venue:

Hoffman Center for Business Ethics, Bentley University
Waltham, United States

Topic areas


Social media has become a pervasive communications tool for billions of people across the globe. Businesses, too, use a variety of social media platforms to engage with their stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, and consumers. But it is increasingly clear that social media has a “light” and a “dark” side. What are the ethical and strategic risks and opportunities businesses face as they seek to avail themselves of the great potential of social media, without becoming inadvertently ensnared in the growing web of problems undermining it? How should businesses engage with their stakeholders in a productive and responsible way?

In partnership with the State Street Foundation, the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University will bring together an international group of academicians, practitioners, and civil society leaders for a one-day conference to discuss these and related issues. Possible topics of discussion include but are not limited to:

What are the benefits of social media for firms, consumers, and communities? What are the risks?

How should firms (stakeholders) engage with their stakeholders (firms) on social media?

Is social media a site of “vigilante justice,” and if so, what should be done about this?

What do consumers expect from firms on social media? What should they expect?

How should this form of communication be regulated, and by whom?

How should firms handle the data they collect on social media platforms?

What are case studies of positive/negative social media behavior?

The conference will feature several invited speakers, but part of the programs will be filled through an open call for submissions. To be considered for the program, please submit a 1000-word abstract to Jeffrey Moriarty at by January 31st, 2020, with a subject line of: “GBES submission.” Abstracts must be prepared for blind review. Decisions will be issued no later than February 15th, 2020.

Through the generosity of the State Street Foundation, funding will be available to presenters to pay a portion of their reasonable travel expenses. Funding decisions will be issued in mid-February, and inquiries can be directed to

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