Experimental Ethics: Evidence-based Approaches

May 12, 2020 - May 15, 2020
University of the Balearic Islands


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Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC)

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'Experimental Ethics: Evidence-based Approaches'. Palma de Mallorca, 12-15 May, 2020. In the framework of the 'XX Semana de Ética y Filosofía Política', a large biannual event that usually gathers hundreds of participants, there will be a half-day event on Experimental Ethics:

This symposium will provide a platform for the presentation of current work relevant to moral and political philosophy, that also pays special attention to decision criteria based on scientific evidence. Experimental philosophy, behavioral ethics or effective altruism are just some of the trends that in recent decades have been incorporating fertile new methods of empirical corroboration and evidence-based validity in moral theory building. In this symposium we want, first, to bring together different researchers pursuing methodologies along these lines in order to present a mosaic of research topics of general interest for the area. Second, we want to make room for proposals of applied philosophy that can benefit particularly from the empirical testing approach. Third, we might find of interest proposals addressing methodological issues, in as much as they clarify or illuminate issues in relation to evidence-based normativity (for instance, the relevance of cost-benefit analyses to political philosophy; or the relevance of intuitions to meta-ethical theorizing).

In response to the central theme of this XXth Semana de ética y filosofía política, we will pay special attention to proposals that address the issue of ethical agents or moral and political inclusivity.

Between 6 and 12 proposals will be selected to present in the symposium to take place as one of the events of the XX Semana de Ética, in Palma de Mallorca, 12-15 May. This will be a one day event around short presentations and discussions.

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February 15, 2020, 11:45pm CET

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