CFP: Studies in the History and Philosophy of Modern Physics

Submission deadline: February 1, 2012

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CALL for ABSTRACTS (Special Issue)


Principles of Quantum Gravity


Dean Rickles (University of Sydney)

Karen Crowther (University of Sydney)

This issue proposes to examine the foundations of quantum gravity research by considering the existence, nature, and role of principles of quantum gravity. Contributing authors should examine, from a general perspective, what characteristic properties we can expect to constrain and guide the construction of quantum gravity theories (e.g. in the way that the equivalence principle guided GR and renormalizability guided early QFTs). 

There have been several suggestions made in the literature: holography, background independence, relative locality, minimal length (role of Planck scale), duality, asymptotic safety, etc... It is difficult to see how progress can be made in quantum gravity without some such principles operating. However, these have yet to be closely and systematically studied, and are often simply assumed without having a clear understanding of them. 

A related task is then to consider, if we assume one or more of these principles, how they can guide us in the search for quantum gravitational effects. The aim of this special issue is to gain greater clarity about the foundations of quantum gravity research in such a way that the results will be generally applicable across a range of (if not all) approaches.

The deadline for submissions is 1 January 2013. The word limit is 7500 words (though longer pieces will be considered in exceptional cases). Those interested in contributing are asked to submit abstracts of no more than 500 words to [email protected] with subject heading "Principles of Quantum Gravity" by February 1st 2012. Decisions about which authors can submit full papers will then be announced the following month.

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