CFP: The Andrew Cole International Prize Essay Competition 2013: Restoring Human Progress

Submission deadline: June 30, 2013

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In his 2012 book Restoring Human Progress, Professor Rick Szostak (University of Alberta) outlines an interdisciplinary framework for restoring human progress. This framework contains proposals for reforming economics, culture, public policy, art, politics and science. It provides a roadmap for moving forward on ecological, technological, ethical, social and environmental issues.

Entries are sought which critically engage with Professor Szostak’s view concerning how human progress can be restored. Papers can either be sympathetic or critical of Professor Szostak’s view, and they can vary in scope from covering his entire framework to covering just one particular reform proposal.

The winning essay will receive a prize of £200 and the plan is to publish it in 2014. Essays which are not successful, but that are of a high standard, may also be published with the winning essay.

Contact: [email protected].

Full details of the competition, and of Restoring Human Progress, can be found here:  

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