Philosophy of the City Summer Colloquium: Everyday Life and the City

June 15, 2020 - June 17, 2020
University of Warsaw & Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

The Institute of Public Space Research, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

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Complutense University of Madrid


Aalto University
University of Twente

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Everyday life has been long analysed in the humanities and so has been the urban space. Even if these two strands of research have repeatedly overlapped, focusing on everyday life in the city seems to require much more than their collaboration.

Philosophy together with its potential to ask fundamental questions concerning aesthetics, environment, ethics, politics, society, technology, law etc. offers a good ground to consider the particular nexus between everyday life and the city as one of the major factors shaping the world.

Submissions may address these or related questions:

-   Urban landscape as life-forming factor

-   Urban atmospheres shaping daily life and mundane activities/choices

-   The role of social activism in creating urban identity

-   “How to study everyday life/objects?”

-   Urban lifestyles, consumer practices and preferences

-   Is Lefebvre’s “Critique of Everyday Life” still relevant?

-   Street art, graffiti, murals as everyday artforms

-   Everyday practices of urban agriculture

-   Everyday flows and processes in the city

-   Maintenance, care and the urban infrastructure

-   Quotidian architecture(s)

-   Authenticity, performativity and urban cultures

-   Everyday implications of gentrification

-   Updating Ash Amin and Stephen Graham’s The Ordinary City

-  Everyday social sensibilities in global metropolies/small towns/growing & shrinking cities

-  Climate change, migration, and geopolitical anxieties as factors changing urban space/everyday experience

-  Fantastic/utopian/antiutopian cities and their role in creating urban imagination

-  Non-human city dwellers (actors) and their daily impact on the urban environment

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April 15, 2020, 5:00am CET

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