Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy

November 13, 2020 - November 15, 2020

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  • Arts and Humanities Research Council

Keynote speakers:

Karen Barad
University of California, Santa Cruz
Accademia Di Brera
Gregory Cajete
University of New Mexico
Leroy Little Bear
University of Lethbridge
Xin Wei Sha
Arizona State University
Vladimir Tasić
University of New Brunswick


Dundee University
University of Dundee

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Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy

Transdisciplinary (virtual) conference

13 – 15 November 2020, University of Dundee, Scotland

Keynotes: Karen Barad, Franco Berardi, Gregory Cajete, Leroy Little Bear, Sha Xin Wei, Vladimir Tasić

The future is no longer seen as open. It’s seen as precarious on the one hand, and technologically over-determined on the other. Indeterminacy, initially derived from Bohr’s quantum indeterminacy and Gödel’s undecidability, was once seen to upset stable structures and ossified power regimes. That's why it was embraced as a liberating epistemic force by many twentieth-century artists and theorists. Now, however, indeterminacy is the norm: as instability, uncertainty, and unpredictability – from the digital systems’ perpetual ‘optimisation’ and embroilment of habit, to climate change and pandemics like Covid-19.

At Indeterminate Futures / The Future of Indeterminacy, we will revisit the terms of indeterminacy to understand how it functions culturally today. What’s left of critical agency when our political horizon is shaped by fully automated processes? Can anything of what initially made indeterminacy compelling be recovered? This virtual conference brings together more than eighty scholars from across the world to address these questions and many others. It includes keynote speeches by Karen Barad, Franco Berardi, Gregory Cajete, Leroy Little Bear, Sha Xin Wei, and Vladimir Tasić, and panels on Probability and Agency, Algorithmic Politics, Energetics and Time, Cultural Memory, and many more.

Registrants will be sent a link to the virtual platform.

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This conference is hosted by the AHRC-funded project The Future of Indeterminacy: Datification, Memory, Bio-Politics.

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November 12, 2020, 12:00pm BST

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