CFP: Special Issue Theoria: Medieval Skepticism

Submission deadline: August 31, 2020

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Medieval Skepticism

Guest editors: Henrik Lagerlund (Stockholm University), [email protected]

Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2020

Description: The high point of scholarly debate on the history of skepticism was the 1970’s and the 1980’s. It was Ancient and Early Modern skepticism that was debated then, and some groundbreaking books and articles were produced as a result. After that intense debate the interest waned somewhat and the history of skepticism does not attract as much interest anymore. Scholarly debate on Medieval skepticism has never reached such a highpoint, in fact, there has been relatively little interest in skeptical debates and skepticism in the Middle Ages. By devoting a special issue of Theoria to Medieval skepticism, we hope to change this and interest a new generation of scholars in questions about the role skepticism and skeptical arguments played in the Middle Ages.

In this context, we define Medieval philosophy broadly to include philosophy and philosophical theology between the time of Augustine and Francisco Suárez, that is, roughly between 400 and 1600 CE. We also welcome articles dealing with skepticism in any of the four language traditions, that is, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek. Our hope is to present skepticism in the Middle Ages in a new light, and with such breadth and depth that Medieval skepticism can finally take its place in a comprehensive history of skepticism alongside Ancient and Modern.

All submitted articles should be written in English and will be subject to double blind review.

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As you may have noticed, articles on the history of philosophy have previously been rare in Theoria. This special issue also marks the journal’s interest in receiving articles in the history of philosophy, broadly construed.

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