CFP: Loyola Journal of Regulatory Compliance

Submission deadline: February 17, 2020

Topic areas


The Loyola Journal of Regulatory Compliance is open to reviewing for publication articles related to regulating human behavior through law or other external forces as well as articles discussing any aspect of "complying" with law or human codes. The Journal is publishing its Spring 2020 issue dedicated to legal theory and philosophy of law in the arena of regulating human action and complying with restraints on human action. The Journal is interested in supplementing its existing articles with 3 short articles from any discipline. The articles should be between 10-30 pages double spaced. 

The due date for submission of articles is February 17, 2020.  Submissions will be reviewed expeditiously by the Journal's faculty advisors and a response provided to you by February 20, 2020.  Publication is scheduled for late April 2020.  The Journal welcomes articles written from the perspective of any discipline and also welcomes articles from graduate students.

Please email your submissions to the Journal's faculty advisor, Ryan Meade, at [email protected].  If you have any questions or are in the middle of writing an article which may fit, please do not hesitate to email Prof. Meade to solicit input on the idea and how it may fit within the issue.

The Loyola Journal of Regulatory Compliance is a law review journal of Loyola University Chicago School of Law and is published by Loyola's Center for Compliance Studies. 

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