Dublin Graduate Philosophy Conference 2020

May 23, 2020 - May 24, 2020
UCD Newman House/Museum of Literature Ireland

UCD Newman House/Museum of Literature Ireland, Upper Classroom
Naughton Joyce Centre 86 St. Stephen's Green

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  • The Plato Centre (Trinity College Dublin)
  • UCD Newman Centre for the Study of Religions


Trinity College, Dublin
University College Dublin

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Important notice: Due to the current circumstances related to COVID-19 we have decided to postpone this conference, as well as the deadline for abstrcats, until further notice. Thank you. 

The methodological approaches towards, uses for, and the analysis of metaphysics across the analytic and continental traditions are as vast and varied as the topics that fall under or traverse these two traditions themselves. While some use metaphysics as a tool of investigation or critique, others may contend that metaphysics is not a substantial methodology for philosophical investigation at all. This conference aims to explore and discuss not only the different methodological approaches to metaphysics, but also its uses (in both the history of philosophy and in contemporary philosophical debate), and ultimately the value of metaphysics itself. While we are particularly interested in the approaches to metaphysics in the continental and analytic traditions, we also welcome submissions that engage with pre-19th century metaphysics. We encourage submissions that engage with some of the following themes (without however being necessarily limited to them): 

-Meta-metaphysics (as an investigation into the nature, the limits, and the role of metaphysics, with respect to philosophy, science and the world in general). 

-Methodological approaches and the use of metaphysics in the continental and/or analytic traditions.

-Authors and topics in metaphysics that bridge the analytic/continental divide. 

-Metaphysics as a critique. 

-The history and/or historicity of metaphysics.

-The value of metaphysics.

-Non-western and/or comparative metaphysics.

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