Slovak-Austrian Philosophy of Language Network

March 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021

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University of Vienna
Slovak Academy of Sciences

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This is a collaborative project between the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna whose main aim is to establish a network that allows researchers from Slovakia and Austria working in the philosophy of language (within the analytic tradition) to interact. While contacts between researchers from the two countries have been previously established, no such networks specifically involving philosophers of language have been set up so far. The purpose of this project is to fill this lacuna.


The coordinator of the project is Dr. Matteo Pascucci (Slovak Academy of Sciences), who is also responsible for the Slovak chapter. Responsible for the Vienna chapter is Professor Max Kölbel (University of Vienna).


The specific form taken by the planned collaboration involves the organization by the project partners of several events: talks by PhD students/ postdoctoral researchers /professors (from each country); an international conference with invited speakers and contributed presentations selected via a call for presentations; a meeting about future collaborations. Below you can find the schedule of these events. The organizers acknowledge the gracious help of the Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy, of the Logic Cafe and the "Vienna Language and Mind" seminar for providing the venue for the talks at the University of Vienna.


March 5 2020, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Analytic Philosophy seminar, Bratislava: Poppy Mankovitz (University of Salzburg), "Verbal Disputes and Variance".

March 1, 2021, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Analytic Philosophy seminar (online): Gareth Pearce (University of Vienna), "Philosophy of Logic as Meta-Semantics".

March 15, 2021, University of Vienna, Logik Café (online): Daniela Glavaničová & Matteo Pascucci (Slovak Academy of Sciences), "Regret and Responsibility Represented via Alternative Semantics for Modal Logic".

April 12, 2021, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Analytic Philosophy seminar (online): Christopher Gauker (University of Salzburg), "Modality without Metaphysics".

April 16, 2021, University of Vienna, Vienna Forum for Analytic Philosophy (online): Amalia Haro Marchal (Slovak Academy of Sciences), "A Pragmatic View of Fictional Discourse".

May 17, 2021, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Analytic Philosophy (online): Hanoch Ben-Yami (Central European University), TBA.

May 2021, University of Vienna, Vienna Language and Mind seminar (online): Martin Vacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences), TBA.

June 2021, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Analytic Philosophy seminar (online): Katharina Felka (University of Graz), TBA.

June 2021, University of Vienna, Vienna Language and Mind seminar (online): Mirco Sambrotta (Slovak Academy of Sciences), TBA.

Workshop "Value in Language"

MARCH 29-30, 2021

Slovak Academy of Sciences (online)

Invited speakers:
Bianca Cepollaro (San-Raffaele Salute University)
Stefano Predelli (University of Nottingham)
Pekka Väyrynen (University of Leeds)

For more information about the workshop, please visit

Work meeting about future collaborations

University of Vienna, Vienna

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