Speaking to Power: Feminist Theories and Praxes

April 24, 2020 - April 25, 2020
Women and Gender Studies Institute Graduate Student Union, University of Toronto

40 Willcocks

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In “speaking to power” we proclaim ourselves as being here, present, and human. Gender theories have always engaged with different types, forms, and sources of power, interrogating their various nuances and articulations through negotiations and resistance, subversion and accommodation. As such, we ask: How do we resist the intersectionalities of power - sexism, racism, classism, colonialism, capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.?

In this conference we celebrate the past, present, and future of the women and gender studies program, cognizant of its significant contribution in social transformation and human development. The conference aims to bring together graduate students, faculty, and researchers who are willing to speak with eachother, participating and claiming a stake in our world. Accordingly, we invite youto think about the questions posed above and participate in this conference

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